Pitbull Photograph

Targeted Breeds in History

Before pit bulls had the unfortunate distinction of becoming the "fad breed" of choice among irresponsible owners, many other dogs were targeted and discriminated against. Here are just a few:

Originated in Germany to assist hunters and farmers, Rottweilers' lineage dates back to ancient Roman times.  Many make great family dogs, though they are often misunderstood due to their muscular, stocky appearance. Today, they are frequently targeted by Breed Specific Legislation and other forms of breed discrimination.  Many cities see a high volume of Rottweilers enter the shelter system as a result of overbreeding and irresponsible ownership.

Huskies and other Arctic breeds
Traditionally working as sled dogs, they also make wonderful pets.  However, because of their appearance, many mistakenly believe that these dogs are related to wolves.

German Shepherd Dogs
Best known as police, military, and guard dogs, GSDs can easily fall prey to those looking for an intimidating guard dog to protect their property.

Originally used as hunting dogs, Akitas are known as a headstrong, independent breed that requires strong, consistent leadership.

Doberman Pinschers
The protective nature and guarding tendencies of this dog have long been exploited by owners with bad intentions.  While well-socialized Dobermans can make great companions, they are often chained and confined in yards as guard dogs.

Often mistaken for pit bulls, these friendly and playful dogs are often misunderstood and discriminated against.

Their popularity in movies made them targets for irresponsible breeders and puppy mills seeking to cash in on a fad breed.  Many Dalmatians ended up in shelters, surrendered by owners unprepared to give them the exercise and attention needed to manage their high energy level.