Pitbull Photograph

I just adopted a pit bull. Now what?

See this terrific and important list of tips and instructions from our friends at Bad Rap for details on introducing a new dog to your home. (PDF)

Ensure a strong start by providing lots of rules and structure. Your pit bull is looking to you for leadership! If the first few weeks go smoothly, it will set up your dog for a lifetime of happiness in your home!

Training Your Pit Bull

So many pit bulls end up in shelters because the time and effort wasn’t invested in training. Behaviors that are overlooked in a young puppy can lead to unacceptable habits in an older dog. It’s just not cute when a full-grown dog jumps on you or tries to get you to play by mouthing or pulls you down the street for a walk. With any breed, good manners are essential to having a happy dog and a harmonious household. But, because pit bulls are so maligned, it’s even more important to be a great owner and help your pittie be the best dog he or she can be!

Working and playing with your furry friend on a regular basis will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. You’ll also have fun showing off your "ambassadog" to those who aren’t in the know about what great dogs pit bulls are!

Crate Training

A crate can be your pittie’s favorite space and is a tremendous tool for housebreaking a dog, keeping a dog out of trouble, and managing a multi-dog household. While not all take to a crate, most do, and crate training your dog is one of the best things you can do to set the stage for success!

Basic Obedience

Basic obedience starts with sit, stay, down and loose leash walking. There are many ways to train your dog. Positive reward-based training works best with this breed. Pitties can sometimes be ‘bull-headed," but ultimately they live to please their people and the smart terrier in them loves the intellectual stimulation! Taking a class is also a great way to keep your pittie socialized with other dogs. Look for classes geared towards pit bulls and trainers knowledgeable about the breed.

Fun Stuff

Pit Bulls are natural athletes and super smart. They love to perform and compete! The breed is garnering increasing attention for their skills in performance events such as agility, fly ball, frisbee and weight pull. Check out local training clubs and teams to learn more about these sports.

Here is a video of a PAWS dog, Meena, who is a fly-ball champ!