Pitbull Photograph






Maeby Girl


Showing off her signature ear-to-ear pit bull grin


Snacking on peanut butter, cuddling in bed, wrestling with other dogs.

Claim to Fame:

The High Jump: Maeby can jump up to three times her own height!

Claim to Shame:

Maeby once stole a down-filled blanket and tossed it into a fan, making the feathers fall like snow all over the house. It was like Christmas in July!

Maeby's Story:

Maeby's family adopted her from PAWS in December 2008. When they met her she was underweight and had several scars on her face and paws. They weren't planning on adopting a new family member that day, but Maeby stole their hearts immediately. At first, she was very shy, but after only a week, she began to warm up to her adopters and to her new life as a family dog. As weeks passed, she only became more loving and outgoing. Now, it seems every dog, cat, and human she meets is instantly won over by her sweet personality and huge, happy smile!

“Every morning we look forward to Maeby’s smiles, kisses and cuddles.” - Nicole, Maeby's adopter


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