Pitbull Photograph




Italian Market


Ufus Ru


Pouncing (not on anything in particular – just for the fun of it!)


playing with other dogs, playing in the snow, hippity-hoppiting, chasing balls, destroying toys in minutes flat.

Claim to Fame:

Being really stinkin’ cute

Claim to Shame:

Just can’t seem to catch his tail, no matter how fast he runs in circles

Rufus's Story:

Rufus was rescued by PAWS in December 2008, underweight with a bad case of mange. He was so malnourished that at five months old, he was the size of a twelve week old puppy. Due to his start in life, Rufus will always be a little smaller than other pit bulls. In his adoptive home, he is finally getting the chance to be a real puppy. Rufus loves to prance and run in the park, and he especially loves to play with the other dogs in his neighborhood. Due to his small size and hopping tendencies, the neighbors speculate that he is a pit bull/jackrabbit mix, but his adopters are going to need DNA testing to verify this.

“He’s a little love bug and snuggles happily on the couch for hours.” – Regan, Rufus’ adopter


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