Pitbull Photograph




Art Museum




He can catch a treat thrown from 10 feet away!


Chasing squirrels, eating cheese, having his butt scratched, dressing up in outfits that would compromise the dignity of a lesser dog

Claim to Fame:

Behaving perfectly in the presence of children. The more active they are, the more calm he stays!

Claim to Shame:

Is afraid of the clicking noise of a pen

Pete's Story:

Pete was found under an abandoned car at three weeks old with his mother and littermates. The mother dog and most of the puppies were sick and unfortunately didn’t make it, but Pete and one of his littermates survived and went into foster care. Pete’s adoptive family lives close to his former foster family, so he still gets to visit them every so often. He now weighs 95 pounds, but still climbs on his foster mom’s lap the way he did when he weighed only three!

”He is a gentle giant when kids or puppies are around. He will lay on the floor belly-up and let them climb all over him.” – Alison, Pete’s adopter


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