Pitbull Photograph






Olive O, Bunny


Lap Warming


Playing tug of war with her furry brother, being a bean bag chair for her human kids, taking loooooooooong walks.

Claim to Fame:

A star of stage and screen, Olive has appeared on the news not once, but twice as a spokesdog to represent pit bulls to a skeptical public.

Claim to Shame:

Olive is so afraid of trash cans, she will try to cross the street to avoid them.

Olive's Story:

Olive was found on the streets of North Philly in the dead of winter and brought to PAWS, emaciated and suffering from pneumonia. Her nails were worn down to the quick – she must have spent a lot of time pounding the pavement! Named Olive Oil because she was so skinny, she thrived in her new adoptive home, transforming into a healthy, happy girl. Olive is a true “nanny dog” – she glows whenever kids are around, gladly letting them pet her, pull her, and climb on her. When she’s out on a walk, she becomes positively overjoyed if she sees a stroller. Usually, the parents pushing the stroller will get nervous at the sight of a pit bull aiming straight for their baby, but Olive just wants to give them a sniff and a lick!


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