Pitbull Photograph






Moo Moo, Moo Girl, Princess, Wiggles


Bringing cow spots back into style


Fetching her ball, playing hide and seek, hanging out with her family’s other dog

Claim to Fame:

Earned her Canine Good Citizen Award in 2004 and has taken classes for obedience and dog sports

Claim to Shame:

Loves to chew on bones so much that she has ground down her teeth; the vet told her that if she keeps it up she will need a root canal!

Moo's Story:

This pretty little cow (correction: pit bull) was adopted from an area shelter in 2003 where she was surrendered because she was unwanted. Moo is incredibly loving and eager to please, and wants to follow her adopters wherever they go. She is a wonderful ambassador for her breed and has turned many skeptics into pit bull lovers!

“I can’t imagine what her past owners were thinking because she is the best dog anyone could ever ask for!” - Cassidy, Moo’s adopter


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