Pitbull Photograph








Helping take care of her family’s foster puppies


Swimming, following her Mom around, chewing up her big green ball.

Claim to Fame:

Learned how to trust after a hard life on the streets

Claim to Shame:

Compulsive butt-licking

Molly's Story:

Molly’s time as a PAWS dog began when she was picked up by the animal control truck as a stray. She was only a year old, but like many female pit bulls living on city streets, had already had a litter of puppies. She was very sick with illnesses picked up on the street and was very fearful of people and dogs. When Molly’s new Mom took her home, she worked with her diligently every day, teaching her the rules, correcting unwanted behavior, and most importantly, teaching her how to trust again. Today, she and her Mom are inseparable; Molly follows her around everywhere. Her family sometimes takes litters of homeless puppies into foster care, and Molly cares for them as if she were their own mother. She plays with the puppies, lets them climb on her, and even picks them up and arranges them to keep them properly organized.

“She is an awesome girl…my heart dog.” – Monique, Molly’s adopter


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