Pitbull Photograph




Bucks County


Meena Bean


Making a career out of chasing tennis balls


Playing with her pit bull siblings, lying in the sun, lounging in people’s laps.

Claim to Fame:

Is a champion athlete, ranked among the top 20 pit bulls in North America in the sport of flyball

Claim to Shame:

Likes to knock over the trash can when Mom isn't looking

Meena's Story:

Meena was a stray living on the streets of North Philadelphia until PAWS rescued her in March of 2008. She lived at PAWS for several weeks, where she quickly became a favorite of volunteers and staff. She was taken home by a volunteer and began learning basic manners and commands. She now excels at flyball, a sport in which dogs run races in a relay formation, chasing and retrieving tennis balls. Meena and her adopter have traveled to multiple states including North Carolina, Massachusetts and Virginia to compete in organized flyball tournaments. She recently earned her first official flyball title and is showing no signs of slowing down!

“I am so glad I gave Meena a chance and so thankful to all those who helped her. She has my heart for keeps!” – Debra, Meena’s adopter


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