Pitbull Photograph




Northeast Philadelphia


Lainey Bug


Howling at the alarm clock every morning to make sure her adopter never misses work.


Making strange noises while she’s sleeping. Who knows what she’s dreaming about?

Claim to Fame:

Flopping her ears in directions no one thought possible.

Claim to Shame:

Always chooses the most inconvenient times to snuggle…

Lolayna's Story:

Some pit bulls are big and muscular, and some are petite “Pocket Pits,” like pretty little Lolayna – the ultimate snuggle bug! Lolayna was originally found abandoned in an alley in North Philadelphia and taken to PAWS. She was underdeveloped and emaciated from lack of nutrition, had fleas, and suffered from multiple skin infections. She was very withdrawn and afraid of people who approached her cage. Today, that part of her life is a distant memory. She has grown up into a beautiful little lady, though her vet says she will always be a little smaller than normal due to her past neglect. Every once in a while, Lolayna will stop whatever she’s doing and stare at her adopter from across the room. After taking aim at her target, she’ll get a running start and leap into her adopter’s lap. She’ll them immediately curl up into a tiny ball, fall asleep, and start dreaming…loudly!

“A little love goes a long way. With a rescue animal you get back what you put in ten-fold!” – Cynthia, Lolayna’s adopter


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