Pitbull Photograph




Northeast Philadelphia


Piggy Lou


Showing off her big, wide pit bull smile


Being nice to everyone she meets, hanging out with her pit bull brother, playing with cats - even if they don’t want to play with her!

Claim to Fame:

Can make her whole body wiggle when something makes her really happy

Claim to Shame:

Compulsive underwear thievery – no one’s undies are safe!

Lola's Story:

When she’s not showing off her girlish figure in fashionable pink collars, she can usually befound doing her signature butt-wiggling dance to celebrate how fun it is to hang out people, cats, and her two housemate pit bulls. Lola truly beat the odds, getting adopted at the age of 18 months from a shelter that did not normally adopt pit bulls older than a year.

“If everyone had a dog like my Lola, the world would be a better place. I might have adopted her, but she rescued me.” – Jaclyn, Lola’s adopter


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