Pitbull Photograph




Northeast Philly


Brown One


Eating things her owners love, including shoes, couches, clothes, and even Mommy’s purse


Stealing food from the family’s new baby, keeping the baby clean, trying to share her chew toy with the baby then stealing the chew toy back again

Claim to Fame:

Learned how to tiptoe delicately around the baby

Claim to Shame:

Will pee at the sight of a leash, the sound of wood cracking in the fireplace, and the very thought of the nail clipper!

Lizzie's Story:

Lizzie is a true, old-fashioned “nanny dog” - the kind that made pit bulls so popular in America in earlier generations. Lizzie’s adopters met her while volunteering at a PAWS adoption event, but were not planning on adopting, as they already had a dog that had trouble getting along with other dogs. They had also just lost their first pregnancy the day before, and simply could not bear another heartache. They took a chance on Lizzie by bringing their dog to the shelter to meet her, and sure enough, they sparked an instant friendship. They planned to foster Lizzie temporarily, but they soon realized that she was meant to stay a part of their family. As much as Lizzie likes her new canine housemate, her real best friend is the family’s new baby. She now spends her days doting upon her infant housemate as if she were her own puppy.

“We had decided to foster Lizzie…we were convinced that adoption was not an option. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest!” – Kevin, Lizzie’s adopter


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