Pitbull Photograph


Little Mama




Lil’ M


Sneaking up on the couch to take a nap when no one’s looking


Greeting each day with a happy spirit, winning people over with her lovely smile, showing everyone that a pit bull can be beautiful even with a few scars.

Claim to Fame:

Visited South Philadelphia public schools with PAWS to teach middle schoolers to prevent animal abuse

Claim to Shame:

Just doesn’t feel like performing tricks…she’d rather be napping!

Little Mama's Story:

This middle-aged girl came to PAWS as a stray. She had several scars on her face and had recently given birth, though the fate of her puppies is unknown. Little Mama has been adopted and returned more times than any animal in PAWS’ history. Her first adopters said they were moving, her second adopters said she was not housetrained, her third adopter claimed a “change in lifestyle,” and her fourth adopter claimed she was aggressive, saying “you never know…she is a pit bull.” During an extensive evaluation by PAWS behavior experts, Little Mama showed only friendliness and affection. She found her fifth and forever home with a member of PAWS’ lifesaving team and now spends her time napping the days away. She will never have to worry about seeing the inside of a shelter again!


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