Pitbull Photograph








Getting so overjoyed that her butt wiggles uncontrollably


Playing tug of war, licking cats, sunbathing, tearing apart stuffed toys, playing with other dogs, zipping back and forth at top speed with a look of complete bliss on her face.

Claim to Fame:

Can make anyone fall in love with her and has changed many people’s misperceptions about pit bulls

Claim to Shame:

Once pooped in the middle of obedience class

Jada's Story:

Jada was found living by herself in an abandoned Philadelphia apartment as a very young puppy before being taken in by a local rescue organization. Despite her rough start in life, she turned out to be a friendly and well-adjusted girl. After her adoption, she passed her puppy training classes with flying colors. Now, as an adult, she is taking classes to earn her Canine Good Citizen award. This sweet, nurturing dog inspired her adopters to become foster parents to PAWS puppies. She helps teach the foster puppies good manners and even lets them chew on her ears if they are teething!

“Her exuberance for life really makes us smile! We know she’s a great ambassador for her breed, and because of her we will continue to advocate and do all that we can to save other pit bulls in need.” – Danielle, Jada’s adopter


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