Pitbull Photograph




University City




Running in circles as fast as she can…she’s just too happy to contain herself!


Playing with other dogs, eating peanut butter, snuggling, sniffing everything she can get her nose on

Claim to Fame:

Overcoming her fears to learn how to simply be a dog

Claim to Shame:

No matter how much she is coaxed, she refuses to go up or down stairs indoors!

Harper's Story:

This dark-haired beauty was found by the Animal Control truck walking alone on the streets of Mantua. She was under a year old but had already had puppies, and was visibly underweight. She was brought to PAWS where she was named Shy because of her timid demeanor. During her first few days in foster care, she hid in the back of her crate, refusing to come out; she was even afraid of her food. She had to be carried outside to relieve herself and would freeze up if someone put a leash on her. Once Shy learned she was safe, she started achieving small milestones. She mastered the confidence to come out of her crate by herself, learned how to walk a few steps at a time on a leash, and even started to wander around the house and into the yard. She began eating by herself out of her food bowl, without needing to be hand-fed. She would no longer cower when someone approached her. After weeks of practice, she was able to start doing “normal” dog things like performing basic commands, playing with other dogs, and jumping into the car for a ride. Her foster mom decided to change her name to Harper, since she was “such an angel.” Today, Harper enjoys the good life in her permanent adoptive home. She goes jogging, visits the park, and has frequent doggy playdates. Some things will always make her nervous, like loud noises or steep stairs. No one knows what happened to her to make her so scared, but because of the love she received from her foster parents and adopters, she is now one of the most fearless dogs at the park!


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