Pitbull Photograph






Freck-a-deck, Freckenstein, Friquita Chiquita Consuela Gonzales


If Freckles wants your attention, she will sit on her hind legs and tap you very gently with her front paw…almost like a cat!


Playing frisbee, chasing other dogs, nibbling her pit bull brother on the butt

Claim to Fame:

Never slowing down or letting her spirit fade, even after losing her front leg

Claim to Shame:

Likes to bark at nothing in particular

Freckles's Story:

Freckles came to PAWS as a puppy, badly injured after being attacked by another dog. After undergoing surgery to amputate her unrepairable front leg, Freckles went into foster care with a PAWS volunteer, where she gained back her confidence and made herself part of the family. Slowly but surely, after lots of stumbling, she learned how to walk on three legs. Today she can get around just as easily as any other dog, hopping like a rabbit when she walks and runs. Despite her past trauma, she loves to play with other dogs. She now lives on several acres in her permanent home with 4 canine brothers and sisters.


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