Pitbull Photograph






Emma Dilemma


When playing, she makes mooing sounds...just like a cow!


Swimming, walking, meeting people, wrestling with other dogs

Claim to Fame:

Overcoming her fears to become a social butterfly

Claim to Shame:

She can clear an entire coffee table with one swipe of the tail.

Emma's Story:

Emma’s story began the way many of Philadelphia’s pit bulls’ do – she was picked up as a stray, in poor health, very scared, but with great potential to be a family dog. When Emma arrived at the PAWS shelter, her tail was glued between her legs and she showed signs of past abuse. Slowly but surely, her adopters worked with her to teach her that people weren’t all bad and that no one was going to hurt her. Today, Emma is a happy, wiggly pit bull who smiles all the time. She lives with three other dogs and is a loyal friend and “nanny dog” to the family’s three young children.


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