Pitbull Photograph






Handsome D


Is a champion athlete: running, jumping, wrestling, performing tricks – he can do it all!


Playing with his family, racing up and down the stairs, going on long walks, snuggling on his favorite chair, going to the park.

Claim to Fame:

Friendly, outgoing personality

Claim to Shame:

Sneaking used tissues out of the trash can

Dylan's Story:

Dylan was a stray when he was brought into PAWS. He was quickly adopted, but his adopters, who had underestimated pit bulls’ energy and enthusiasm, returned Dylan to the shelter a few days later for chasing their cats. Once back at the shelter, he met a PAWS volunteer who instantly fell in love with his bright eyes and huge ears. Dylan is an outgoing and active companion who proves loyal to his family every day. He doesn’t even mind sharing a seat with his canine housemate!

“Pit bulls are my heart. We’re so blessed to have him!” – Courtney, Dylan’s adopter


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