Pitbull Photograph




South Philadelphia


Piggy Dog


Eating poop of any kind…especially horse manure!


Swimming all day long. If there is a body of water nearby, Darla will find it!

Claim to Fame:

Is well known as a world-class kisser

Claim to Shame:

Tries to kiss her adopter’s face immediately after eating poop

Darla's Story:

Darla spent three weeks as a stray running the streets of South Philadelphia until the animal control truck finally caught up with her and brought her to PAWS. Despite health issues including digestive upset, severe emaciation, and a large abscess on her back, Darla was in good spirits and very friendly. Today, Darla lives on a farm where she’s met goats, sheep, donkeys, llamas, and tortoises. She plays every day with her best buddy, a Doberman, and sleeps every night snuggled with the family cats.

“I remember the night I met her…when I saw her, my heart just melted.”- Liz, Darla’s adopter


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