Pitbull Photograph


Bettie Page


Northeast Philadelphia


Bettie Big Butt


Oinking like a pig


Following her adopters everywhere, playing with her dog siblings, running at top speed through every room in the house

Claim to Fame:

Being a love bug and making sure everyone knows it

Claim to Shame:

Being afraid of paper towels

Bettie Page's Story:

Bettie’s early story is not known, but when her adopters found her she had been abandoned, was covered in fleas, and bore several scars. They weren’t planning to adopt another dog, but could not resist rescuing Bettie from the conditions she was living in. Her new family nursed her back to health and raised her into the happy, healthy girl she is today. “My dog does not have a mean bone in her body. How many people can you honestly say that about?” –Jaclyn, Bettie’s adopter


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