Pitbull Photograph




Northeast Philadelphia




Pig noises! When Bella wants attention, she wiggles her whole body and snorts like a pig. When she sleeps, she snores so loudly that her adopters need to turn up the TV.


Snuggling, messing up the blankets and pillows on every bed in the house

Claim to Fame:

Always comes running when her name is called.

Claim to Shame:

Teases other dogs by stealing their chew toys.

Bella's Story:

Bella’s adopter, a real estate agent, found Bella while showing a home to clients. Bella had been wandering the street after being abandoned in a vacant house. When she saw her soon-to-be adopter, Bella dodged cars and crowds of people to rush to her side. Her adopter put Bella on a leash and walked her around the neighborhood to see if anyone had lost her. After no one claimed Bella, she decided to take her home.

“She has become my pride and joy pup.” – Doree, Bella’s adopter


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