Pitbull Photograph


Leia, Gus, and Sonoma


Fox Chase


Itty Bitty Pittie Committee


Being really, really, unbelievably stinkin’ cute


Snuggling, tumbling, licking faces, tugging on each other’s ears, stealing everyone’s hearts

Claim to Fame:

Fighting to survive without a mother to take care of them

Claim to Shame:

Sneaking into the litterbox to eat cat poop

Leia, Gus, and Sonoma's Story:

Leia, Gus, and Sonoma were left at the PAWS shelter in a shoe box just hours after they were born. A team of volunteers stepped in immediately to feed them in shifts and keep them warm. Thanks to these efforts they lived through their crucial first days. At four days old, they went into foster care, where they were bottle-fed for weeks around the clock. One of their siblings passed away after three weeks from immune system problems due to lack of mother’s milk, but Leia, Gus, and Sonoma continued to thrive. All three were adopted into loving homes and have grown into happy, fun-loving family pit bulls.


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