Pitbull Photograph

Pit bulls are known for their fearless tenacity, but a few stand out as the finest examples of the true pit bull spirit.  Below are canine heroes from all walks of life who exemplify the loyalty that makes pit bulls such wonderful dogs.  Click on their names to read articles describing their incredible stories!

Lily, who helped police chase down an armed robber.

River, who stayed afloat for half an hour before being rescued from the Schuylkill.

Jasmine, who saved her family of five from a house fire.

Grace, who became a certified therapy dog after her rescue from a dog fighting bust and now works with children.

Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated canine in US military history, who saved his entire platoon and captured a German spy in World War I.

Petey, who gave pit bulls their “nanny dog” reputation as the Little Rascals’ playful companion.

Weela, who saved the lives of 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses, and one cat who were stranded in a flood.

Popsicle, who served as a US Customs narcotics dog after being rescued from a walk-in freezer.

Rico, who fought back to protect his caretakers after he was shot by an armed robber.

Blitz, who saved his owner from abduction.

Kadense, who alerted her owners to a fire, saving her elderly neighbor from his burning house.

Smoke, who woke up her ten-year-old owner and saved her family from a house fire.

D-Boy, who took a bullet to protect his family.

Norton, who saved his owner’s life after she suffered a near-fatal spider bite.

Bleu, who saved a 7-year-old girl from an assault.

Angel, a shelter dog who followed her nose to rescue a litter of kittens.